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Parent Homework

Dear Families,

    No one knows your child better than you.  As a parent or guardian, your perception of my student is a valuable resource.  The more I know and understand about your child, the more effective I can be as a teacher.  Your insight will be extremely helpful to me in becoming better acquainted with your child as an individual.

     I would appreciate your participation in a “parent homework assignment” that will be of great value to me.  Sometime in the next week or two, please write me a letter introducing your child.  

     You might want to include a brief biography, problem areas, special abilities, fears, strengths, weaknesses, and past school experiences.  You might also want to tell me about your expectations for this school year:  from me, your child, and the school.  These are just suggestions.  Feel free to include any information you want me to keep in mind while I work with your child.

     I am looking forward to reading your letter and will respond to any issues and/or concerns during parent-teacher conferences in November.  Thank you for taking part in this important assignment.  You may send the letter in a sealed envelope to school with your child or email it to me at  (Don’t forget to include the “h,” so that your letter will not be misdirected.)  Please write “Parent Homework” in the subject line.  All letters will be kept confidential.