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Email is the best way to reach me.  If you do call, please leave a message with the office. 

Welcome to the ELD (English Language Development) program.  I am very happy to be back for a twelfth  year of teaching ELD at Warm Springs.     

There are some big changes this year.  We now have new ELP (English Language Proficient) levels and a new Language Atrs program, Benchmark Advanced.

There are now three levels of ELL students:

Emerging: Students at this level typically progress very quickly, learning to use English for immediate needs as well as beginning to understand and use academic vocabulary and other features of academic language.

Expanding: Students at this level are challenged to increase their English skills in more contexts and learn a greater variety of vocabulary and linguistic structures, applying their growing language skills in more sophisticated ways that are appropriate to their age and grade level.

Bridging: Students at this level continue to learn and apply a range of highlevel English language skills in a wide variety of contexts, including comprehension and production of highly technical texts. The “bridge” alluded to is the transition to full engagement in grade-level academic tasks and activities in a variety of content areas without the need for specialized ELD instruction. 

ELs at all levels of English language proficiency fully participate in grade-level tasks in all content areas with varying degrees of scaffolding in order to develop both content knowledge and English.

EPAC - Last year your child took the ELPAC (English Language Proficency Assessments of California).  He or she recieved a score between 1 and 4.  This score is a tool to understand a students level.  For a more information on this please visit:

During ELD, students recieve the required dessignated ELD lessons from the Benchmarks curriculum.  This new program is fully allined with the California ELD Standards.

Students work in small groups focusing on speaking, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing skills.  Students receive individualized instruction and are free to participate in class at their own comfort level. Students come to ELD for 30 minuets a day, four days a week.  Many of the students I see are fluent English speakers.  For those students, I focus on their reading, comprehension, and writing skills.

California ELD Standards:


For more information on the ELPAC please visit the following sites:


Please visit

These links contain some very useful information.