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Newsela, Educreations, Grokspot & Google Classroom

Enroll into Newsela:

We will be using Newsela throughout the year to improve comprehnsion skills and other ELA related skills based on 6th grade Lexile levles. Newsela has been synced in with your Google Classroom accounts. To view your assignments for Newsela -

1. Sign in with Google.

2. You will see your class in the account settings and receive your assignments in your Binder.

3. Complete your assignment and turn it in as you are instructed to.

4. Make sure you hit the 'Submit' button to ensure submission.

The code to login to Newsela is UKS5KB

Please register using this code and start doing the assigned work

Educreations  is the site where lessons taught in the classroom will be recorded live and uploaded on a regular basis for reference at home. Students need to go and enroll into my classroom using the code given below after creating their own username and password. 

class code  for registering - GESUNNK

The lessons will be uploaded to the cloud every day for all subjects throughout the day whenever teaching is done in the classroom with student interaction etc.

This is almost like a live feed which will help students to not miss out on the lessons taught if they get sick or are absent for some other reason. Being privy to this also behooves that the students keep upto date with all the materials.

These lessons will be made available throughout the year unless there is a technical glitch.
  • is a site which helps in developing analytical thinking skills and gives students an opportunity to articulate them. 

  • Students will enroll using the class code given below. they will then be able to access the prompt assigned to them and respond to it within the the allocated character limit.

  • This will help students to develop the ability to be concise and at the same time respond directly to the question posed to them.

  • This site will be used predominantly to help in the development of critical thinking and writing skills.Class code to register into - UJDOLP

google classroom

All students should enroll into the google classroom setup for Room 20 using their GAFE login ID's. The Classroom has been setup as 

Room 20 - 2019-2020 

You will need the class code to sign into the class . The class code is - 3lpo1hb

It is important that every single student gets enrolled into Google Classroom as many classwork and homework assignments, projects etc. will be assigned here and will also have to be turned in using google classrooms.