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Homework Policy

Homework will be assigned everyday except Fridays and weekends and has to be turned in the next day  unless specifically directed otherwise.  Homework can be assigned in the form of worksheets, assignments on google classroom and/or in the form of long-term projects. Even though there will be no homework assigned on Fridays the expectation for long-term projects is that the students will continue to work on them through weekends etc., to meet the deadlines. 


Tests for the week and if possible the following week will also be posted on the homework page every week.  


  • If a student is unable to do their assigned homework they are required to get a note or an email needs to be sent in a timely manner(8:00am) by the parent explaining why it was not completed.
  • When a student is sick and stays home HE/SHE WILL NOT BE EXPECTED to do any of the homework but will be excused completely from the day's assigned homework.
  • Reasons such as social, sports activities etc., will not be considered as valid reasons for not completing homework and the student WILL NOT be given credit.
  • Homework returned the day after the due date will be given half credit.
  • If forgotten homework gets dropped off by parents in the office it will not be accepted for credit but can be submitted the following day for half credit as late homework.  
  • Any homework that is not done neatly and legibly will be returned to be redone and can be turned in the following day for half credit.
  • Homework turned in without a the  name of the student, classroom ID, date, and a title specifying the work will be recycled and, no credit will be given.  Students will be given a week to get used to these expectations and until that time lack of any of these four items on a homework sheet will be overlooked.
  • Details, dates and any other relevant information for long term projects will be posted on the webpage whenever a project is assigned.