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  • USGS report on Native American Salt Basins

    December 30, 2009|By David Perlman, Chronicle Science Editor

    Somewhere in the Sierra Nevada, a granite terrace the size of a football field holds hundreds of mysterious stone basins representing what geologists believe is one of the earliest known "factories" created and used by ancient Miwok Indians to make tons of salt to trade with tribes up and down California.


  • Keyboarding Skills and Games

    This site has lessons that will help your child learn computer keyboarding skills.  There are also some fun games to build speed and accuracy.


  • Math Expressions

    Math Expressions is the core Mathematic's curriculum for our school. is the website that accompanies the program. The website has useful resources for students as well as parents. Early in the year, I sent home  a Student Login Card for each student. Please email me if you need another one. 

  • Science

    This is the website for the science book.


  • NASA for Students

    This website features information about space in an easy to read format.  There are fun and educational games, instructional videos, and informational text about our solar system. 


  • Social Studies