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Overview & Supply List

Welcome to Kris Imhof's Page

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Phone number: (510) 656-1611 ext. 45112

Best time to call:  After 3:00 PM

School Supply List

Please find below the suggested classroom supplies for your 5th grader (specific to Room 12):

  • Wide ruled binder paper (200 sheets)
  • Copy Paper (500 sheets)
  • Pencils (2 dozen sharpened)-bring to school as needed
  • (1) Black felt tip marker, fine point (preferably Papermate or Sharpie Ultra Fine)
  • Colored pencils (set of 12 or more)
  • Thin markers (set of 12 or more)
  • (2) BLUE or BLACK ballpoint pens
  • 100 index cards
  • Scissors (small enough to fit in pencil box)
  • Eraser
  • (1) glue stick
  • Box of tissues (can be sent any time during the school year)
  • (2) white board markers (blue or black) and a small rag or old sock to clean individual white boards
  • (3) wide ruled spiral notebooks--to use for Math Journal, Reading, Writing
  • Some type of organizational system for student papers and handouts--student choice--can be a 1" binder, folders, or some other system that works.

PLEASE NOTE:  The student desk space is small, so please plan accordingly.  Large 2-inch binders do NOT fit in the desks.  Ideally all smaller items will fit into a single pencil box.