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Back to School Letter

Welcome to a new school year at Warm Springs Elementary School.  Here are a few details to get the 2022-2023 year started.

Back to School Night is Tuesday, Sept. 13 from 5:00-6:00.  This will be held over Zoom this year.  You will be provided with more details to let you know what to expect during the year and time to ask any questions you may have.  You can look for a packet of information in your child’s folder next Thursday with details of the topics that will be covered on Back to School Night.  Please read it over so any questions you may have about the new school year can be answered.

The students in Room 26 will organize their materials in binders with tabs.  Fifth grade is an important year for students to learn accountability for their school work and to keep themselves organized.  The best way to accomplish this is for each student to bring a binder and a package of binder tabs.  The binder should be simple; it does not need pockets or zippers.  We will start using the binders on Monday, Aug. 29.

Students will be given a supplies list on the first day of school.  I realize that this doesn’t give you much time to shop, so please don’t feel you need to rush out to purchase supplies.  They can be sent to school anytime over the next two weeks. 

Regular homework will start next week.  Students will record homework assignments in their Warm Springs planners.  They will also record upcoming events, tests and long term projects in their planners.

Students are expected to read for twenty minutes each night.  This is a year when students need to focus on comprehending what they’ve read.  Having your child read aloud to you or other members of the household is a great way to increase reading comprehension.  Asking your child to summarize what’s been read and facilitating a discussion about the reading is the best way to help at home.  Children need to understand that rereading a difficult passage is a valuable part of comprehension.

I’m looking forward to a great year with your child and hope to "see" all of you at Back to School Night.

Best Regards,

Kate Bridges

(510) 656-1611 x45126