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Welcome & Supplies List

YaoMs. Amy Yao

Warm Springs Elementary School, 4th Grade, Room 33

Contact Info

Email (preferred):

School Phone (voicemail): 510-656-1611 ext. 45133 

Please head on over to my Google Site HERE for further information (supply list).

Please fill out the Volunteer Availability Google form

AND the Parent/Guardian & Student Info Google form

We will be using the app ClassDojo this year for behavior and announcements- more details to come.

Thank you for your cooperation!

REQUIRED Class Supplies for each student: If you are unable to provide any of these items, please don't worry and don't hesitate to let me know- The school and myself will be happy to help provide these!

1 - School Backpack

1 - 1"-1.5" Binder

1- Pack (any size) of #2 Pencils - For class consumption

2 - Folders

1 - Pack (any size) of Glue Sticks/Glue - For class consumption

2 - Composition Notebooks

1 - Pencil Pouch/Box (optional: 2nd one to be used for colored pencils/crayons)

1 - Black Sharpie

2 - Erasers

1 - Pack of Colored Pencils

1- Ruler with inches and centimeters

1- Protractor

2 - Highlighters

1- Scissors

1 - Box of Crayons

1 - Personal Pencil Sharpener (that catches shavings)

1-2 Expo Dry Erase Markers/1 Dry Erase Eraser (small rag or sock would be fine too)

1 - Red Pen

1 - Student Planner (to be purchased for $7 at the front office)

1 - Sturdy Water Bottle with Flip Top to prevent spills (optional, but very useful)

1- Pair of ear buds/headphones for personal use on school computers (Please do not send your child with wireless or overly fancy brands.) 

1 - Tissue Box (Kleenex, etc.) - For class consumption


DONATIONS for Class Use (not required, but VERY much appreciated):

Non-toxic Disinfecting Wipes

Tissue Boxes

Baby Wipes

Lined Binder Paper 

Ziploc (or similar) Snack/Sandwich/Quart/Gallon-Sized Bags

Multi-colored Dry Erase Markers


Paper Towel Rolls

Hand Sanitizer

#2 Pencils

Correction (White-out) Tape

Glue (Liquid/Sticks)

Sharpies (Black and Colored)

Post-Its (Any Size)

Colored Paper for printer (any color)

Card Stock (any color)

Playground Balls/Jump Ropes/Basketballs (any recess playground equipment)

Any Art Supplies (colored pencils, markers, watercolors, paints, oil pastels, art paper, paintbrushes, etc.) 

Any Board Games