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Supply List 2022 - 2023

Personal Use:

2022 - 23 Planner ( Students will be receiving this free of charge this year!:) )

3 singles subject notebooks - A4 size

3 ring binder (1inch) with five tabs (Tabs should be labeled: READING, WRITING, MATH, SOCIAL STUDIES, SCIENCE) binder paper/ white paper (hole punched into binder)

H/W folder (where you will store worksheets)

1 dictionary Webster’s Collegiate Paperback (Target, Wal-Mart)

1 Dry erase white board (9 x 12 in) with 10 ( black, blue, purple - no light colors please) Expo markers ( to last the whole year) and eraser

3 packages 3X3 Post-It notes

2 sets of index cards

1 packet of binder paper (wide ruled only)

1 pkg. #2 pencils pre-sharpened would be very helpful 

1 pair of good scissors (no large adult size)

1 pencil/pen pouch (no pencil box)

1 ruler (with inches and centimeters) (12 inch ruler)

1 set regular multi colored pencils 12 colors max

1 good eraser

5 - 6 different color highlighting markers

5 glue sticks (will probably need more later on in the year)

1 purple/green and  1 black pen (for correcting/editing), 1 of each, black fine and ultra fine point Sharpie markers

1 Protractor - including Geometry set that has a compass and small ruler

1 reusable water bottle

Seat Sack  Measuring 11 inches across the top and 14 inches at the bottom of the chair.

1 3-hole puncher

Pair of small headsets - NOT BLUETOOTH ones please


COMMUNITY SHARED ITEMS  (TBC) – this is for class use and would be greatly appreciated

*2 large boxes of Kleenex (we go through every box each year)

*2 packets of preferably unscented baby wipes

*1 packet of wooden #2 pencils

*2 glue sticks

*1/2 large hand sanitizers

*1 packet of binder paper (wide ruled) 

*1 packet of graph paper (wide ruled, for Math)

*1 or 2 ream(s) of SINGLE COLOR copy paper

*board games

 * These items are shared with classmates throughout the year for art projects and running off newsletters and important documents/handouts