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Classroom Rules & Cell Phone Policy

Each student should remember these three Personal Standards:  

1. Show respect.

2. Make good decisions      

3. Learn to solve problems

Additional rules to remember: 

  •   Listen and follow directions immediately.
  •   Come to school prepared and ready to learn.
  •   Have a positive attitude and do your best each day.
  •   Be safe.
Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are not allowed at Warm Springs unless there is a Doctor's note or Administrator's Discretion.

Warm Springs Cell Phone Policy
Board Policy: AR 5114.11 Students in Grades K-6 will not be allowed to carry cell phones and/or pagers at school, with two exceptions:

• Doctor’s Request: It is determined by a licensed physician or surgeon to be essential for the student’s health. These students shall have a written plan including the doctor’s written verification for cell phone use which has been approved by the school administrator and which is on file in the school office.

• Administrator’s Discretion: Site administrators also may give a student written approval to have a cell phone and/or pager at school for special circumstances, including health related circumstances, based on a parent/guardian’s written request. A copy of this written approval must be kept on file in the school’s office. The principal will also keep a master list of students who have permission to carry a cell phone.

Elementary students who carry cell phones/pagers under the above two exceptions must adhere to the following unless modified by their written approval plan:

• Students bring electronic devices on campus at their own risk. The schools are not responsible for call charges or lost, stolen, or damaged  electronic devices/accessories.

• Cell phones and/or pagers are not to be used during instructional time.

• Cell phones and/or pagers are to be shut off completely at the start of school and may be turned on again at the end of the school day.

• Students that use cell phones and/or pagers at any time during instructional periods shall be subject to the following progressive discipline procedures: 

1) First offense – confiscate the instrument, send student and phone to the office with a Responsibility slip, call parent to pick up the device from the school and have parent sign a contract that clearly states the steps of the progressive discipline process now in place 

2) Subsequent offense(s) - (defiance) Additional parent contact and more severe disciplinary action including, but not limited to, suspension. Contact Student Support Services to ensure continuity of disciplinary action among schools. Decision to be based on current incident and student’s behavioral anecdotal record.