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Classroom Expectations


  1. Respect one another and everyone's belongings.
  2. Raise your hand if you want to share or ask a question.
  3. Follow directions carefully. Work quietly.  Do not disturb others who are working.
  4. Be prepared for class.
  5. Have purposeful movements around the classroom


The classroom rules all center around the gold rule of respect.

The students will RESPECT the teacher by: using appropriate language, paying attention in class, showing up to class on time, coming to class prepared for the day, and following the set classroom procedures.

The students will RESPECT each other by: showing kindness to each other at all times, keeping their hands and feet to themselves, and not borrowing or using items that do not belong to them.

The students will RESPECT oneself by: trying their best at all times, and performing honest work at all times. 

The students will RESPECT the school by: using school supplies and school facilities in a proper manner, and following the rules outlined in the Warm Springs/Fremont Unified School District Conduct Guidebook.

The students will RESPECT the community by: demonstrating all the usage of The Eight Great Traits at all times, and be conscientious that for every action there is a consequence.  Therefore, the utmost integrity, compassion, and understanding are used at all times.

  • Eyes on the Speaker
  • Quiet
  • Be Still
  • Hands Free
  • Listen

If student CHOOSES to break a rule

First Time: Warning.

Second Time: Student writes an Action Plan (a plan to solve the problem) during recess.  

Third Time (+): Depending upon the situation, any combination of the possible following consequences will follow:

  • Loss of recess(es) and/or privileges
  • Parent(s) contacted by phone or email
  • A copy of the action plan sent home
  • Cool down (sent to another classroom with work)
  • Sent to the office
  • Conference with parents and/or principal
  • Referral

Severe: Student sent immediately to the office with referral.

Each day will be a brand-new start.


  • Positive notes/emails home
  • "Swag" Tag recognition
  • Excellent progress reports and good grades
  • Words of recognition
  • Good preparation for next year
  • The joy of learning
  • You'll be proud of yourself and make others proud of you too


Homework is assigned on most days, though the amount will vary somewhat from day to day.  With the extensive amount of skills covered in math this year, homework can be expected for math almost daily.  Students are encouraged to utilize weekends to do additional reading and work on projects and reports.  Homework credit is based on effort and completion, not on the number of correct answers. In addition, at least 60-120 minutes of reading for pleasure are assigned for homework weekly.   

Homework is posted in the same location in the classroom at the end of each day.  Students are responsible to copying down the information into their planners. Students should never rely on the assignments being posted on the website as there my be glitches and/or connection issues.

Students are expected to make up homework assignments when they are absent.
Parents, please stop by the classroom after school to pick up assigned homework on the second day of absence.  Students who have missed school because of an excused absence should seek a reliable classmate or check the classroom website to complete missing work.  For each day of an absence, students have two days to complete and return the work for full credit.  Anything beyond the two days will count as late (1/2 credit).  It is the students' responsibility to turn in assignments.  Ms. Wong will not chase and/or remind student of make-up work.

Graded assignments will be returned on Thursdays.  Students should keep returned papers in a safe place at home until the end of the trimester.

NOTE:  Late homework is accepted only one day after for due date for ½ credit.  After that, it will not be accepted (except in the case of excused absences).  This is a policy to better prepare students for upper grades and developing strong study skill habits. 

You can find the Fremont Unified School District homework policy here.

CREDIT/NO CREDIT ASSIGNMENTS:  Most homework and classwork assignments will be given credit for completing the assignment with their best effort.  These papers will have a check mark indicating the assignment has been received and recorded in my gradebook. Full credit will be given for these assignments as long as an effort is made and the work is complete to the best of students' ability.   An assignment that is mostly incomplete or shows little effort will not earn credit.

NO NAME, NO FAME:  It's simple.  Why spend so much time and effort and not receive credit for the work?  All papers must have first and last name with student number and date clearly written on the upper right hand corner of all assignments turned in.   There is no guarantee that students will be able to retrieve no name papers for credit.  If by chance Ms. Wong recognizes handwriting and decides to give credit.

LATE/MISSING WORK:  Students are expected to show responsibility and turn in work when it is due.  If work is turned in late (45 minutes after collection) will only earn half credit.  Deadline for assignments are 2:00 PM, if you turn in an assignment at 2:01 PM the same day it will be considered late.  Anything turned in beyond 2 PM the following school day will not be accepted.   Many missing or late assignments will impact your grade.   

COOPERATING WITH OTHERS, COMPETING WITH ONE'S SELF:  Students are not competing with anyone else in this class except themselves.  Students' words and acts of encouragements are the most valuable gift someone can give another classmate.  If we all keep that goal in mind, when we need an extra hand someone near will be ready to offer it.  Help one another succeed and always strive for their own best.  All students in my class are capable of receiving grades reflecting their true abilities if they put their mind to it.  I know you can do it!

(An example of a 3rd grade report card can be found on the Fremont Unified School District website. Parents, please note the Citizenship/Conduct and the Study Skills/Work Habits sections.  These skills go hand-in-hand with academic success.)




Important: In the interest of fairness, students will be expected to give their best effort on all work, every day.  Learning to patiently complete assignments correctly the first time is a valuable life lesson.  There is no need to rush through the work, it's not a race.  In order to help students build strong work ethics, important to their future academic career, students must learn from and recognize the consequences of their choices for not completing assignments on time.  No extra credit will be given.