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Super Headquarter - Rm.49



The best way to reach me is through e-mail.

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wsMy goal is to provide an environment where my students are able to perform to the best of their own abilities. I want my students to feel proud of themselves and work to achieve their personal best, rather than compare their own achievements to their peers. We all know that people are unique; therefore my students' learning modalities are very unique in itself. I try to draw from their individual strengths, whether it is in writing, reading, drawing, using manipulatives, independent work, cooperative groups, and/or many others as a learning tool. The above-mentioned strengths are referred to as "Multiple Intelligence." Everyone falls into at least one category of the eight main multiple intelligence. There are many opportunities that your child will shine by offering a learning environment that varies between the eight types of intelligence. Therefore, making learning appealing and exciting.

My students will experience success in all instructional areas, yet feel challenged everyday when they come to school. They will know that they are valued by their peers and myself as respectful, responsible, and trustworthy people. My students know their goal is to work together to build their own functional learning environment by respecting one another and themselves.

Your support of your child in and out of the classroom is vital to all outcomes. We will make a significant difference together. I am here to support and encourage your child in his/her education. As a team working together, we can be successful!

If you have any questions or comments to help me improve my lines of communication with you, please feel free to contact me. I hope you will find this website beneficial and worthwhile.