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Homework, Test Schedule & Projects

Homework Policy

Students will be assigned homework Monday through Thursday nights. Some days homework may be lighter than others, but every night students are required to read 20 minutes and complete a Reading Log. (Reading Logs are assigned at the beginning of each month and will be due at the end of the month. Exact dates will be posted during the year).

Homework is meant to reinforce material learned in class, but may also be unfinished work students have not completed during the allotted class time. 


Tests will be taken throughout the school year and will be announced with advanced notice for optimal preparation. If the students are completing homework, paying attention in class, and asking for help when they are not understanding, they will have the most chance for success on the tests. 


Projects posted here will be at home projects that require planning and decision making, time management, and creativity. 

Projects will generally be about one a month or month and a half. The students will have ample time to complete these assignments and will be gone over thoroughly in class before they are assigned.

Projects and their guidelines will be posted on the day they are assigned.