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Kinds of Sentences

DECLARATIVE: Makes a statement. It ends with a period. Mrs. Taylor is a teacher at Warm Springs Elementary.

INTERROGATIVE: Asks a question. It ends in a question mark. How many students attend Warm Springs?

IMPERATIVE: Gives a command or makes a request. Ends with a period. Put your homework in the basket.

EXCLAMATORY: Shows strong feeling. Ends with an exclamation mark. I can't wait for our first field trip! 


Identify the following types of sentences:

1.  What is our homework for today


2.  David, look in the lost and found bin


3.  Halloween is celebrated on October 31st


4.  I love Halloween


5. Did you know on Fridays you can buy a Jamba Juice smoothie


Answer 1. interrogative   2. imperative  3. declarative  4.  exclamatory  5.  interrogative