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Room 50 Supply List









Suggested Supplies For your Child's Use:

-  2 Yellow highlighters for school and 1 for home

- 1 Set of colored pencils and one set of markers.

- 2 green pens

- 4 Expo markers                                                                                               + one sock or piece of cloth for erasing

- 12 Sharpened pencils                                                              (Ticonderoga brand are the best!)

- 1 fine and 1 regular Black Sharpie

-1 Zippered pencil pouch (not box).                                                             

-1 - A good pair of student scissors

-1 wooden ruler with centimeters & inches

- 4 Glue sticks

-1 Composition book

- 4 folders (one for homework, one for work in progress,                         one for writing  lessons, one for finished projects)                        Binders are not useful as the students' desks are very small. 

- Earbuds in a small ziploc baggie for laptop computer use

-Optional: One small to medium sports top                                                (unspillable) refillable water bottle                                                           (no metal bottle unless it has a foam cover)


Classroom Use Donation: 

-Boxes of Tissue because we go through a lot of it and it's important to have it immediately available.

-1 Package of disinfectant wipes

--1 Ream of copy paper: Lavender, white, mixed Astrobrights, colored card stock, watercolor paper

-1 Roll of paper towels

Thank you in advance for your support!