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Below is a list of suggested supplies for my class. Please label the binder with the student's full name with a dark permanent marker.

For Whole Class Use

2 dozen sharpened #2 pencils(Ticonderoga Brand)

1 large box of Kleenex tissue

3 red pen (for correcting)

2 yellow highlighters

For Individual Use in Classroom

**Please label with student's name**

1 homework planner (Very important! Can be purchased on the first week of school during lunch.)

2 large pink or white eraser

2 two-pocket folder

1 box of 24 count crayons

1 box of washable markers

1 black sharpie

1 black ultra thin sharpie

1 three-ring binder(2" size)

1 ruler

1 student scissor

***Access to a computer, printer, and the internet (at home or the public library) as students will be encouraged to type some assignments and carry out research online.