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Baeza & Haun - Overview

Room 41

Welcome back!  I am Mara Baeza. It is a pleasure to be your child's teacher this year. This year, I will be teaching with Mrs.Haun.  Mrs. Haun is veteran teacher here in Fremont and will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our classroom.  

I will be teaching Wednesday through Fridays in a virtual setting . Mrs.Haun will teach  each Monday and Tuesdays. We may modify the days and times as needed so that we can both assist our own children and family during COVID. When we are teaching live we will host the meeting using Zoom and may sometimes use Google meet. We will give your child ample time to log on and will show you soon our expectations for virtual learning. 

My husband and I currently live in the city of Brentwood. (It is the city that most people associate with cherry picking) I have two wonderful children of my own. I also have a  sweet dog(Boston Terrier)named Twinkie. We will be writing stories (later in the year)about her which is a great way to spark interest in the writing process.        

I have been teaching in Fremont for 26 years,(Still can't believe I am starting my 27th year). I have taught both 2nd and 3rd grades.  We will embark on the a new adventure this year with Distance Learning(Or DL).  This trimester should be a lot easier for us all as your child will have books to learn from in addition to technology(not like the Spring). 

Please continue to check your email associated with our school , and the Warm Springs website for new information as it comes along. 

We will be teaching using the state mandated Common Core curriculum and will supplement as needed. Remember, Distance Learning will not be exactly like learning in the classroom. So we will need to adjust and follow a different pacing schedule.

 Your child will have some of the day in live sessions with us teachers and some where they will be working independently. Mr. Iwata explains it better than us in his newsletter. 

 Most of the assignments your child receives will be located on Google classroom. We will be spending a few weeks getting to know the technology we will be using and we teachers will practice hosting live meetings. If you need to borrow a laptop let us know. We want your child to be able to access the curriculum daily. Even if you have an ipad, you may want to have a second laptop device just in case. 


I know this year will be a great one. The Warm Springs area is a great place to teach and the children and families I have met are wonderful.  If you would like to discuss anything, please do email me, or send a message on Class Dojo(email invite sent 8/17) which is my preferred method of communication. 


school email address:


We will be  hosting daily open office hours for us to communicate or for a reteaching of a topic to your child. 

More information will be coming soon. 


Mara Baeza aka "Mrs.B" 



Hello  parents, and welcome to the 2020 school year! My name is Brenda Haun, and I will be your child's Monday and Tuesday teacher. I have been teaching in Fremont Unified School District for 21  years. I began my career teaching Science Prep to 1st-6th grade students. I then went on to teach every grade level, from Kindergarten through 5th grade in a self-contained classroom. This will be my third year here at Warm Springs, and I  love it! I am so excited to work as one big TEAM, along with my job-share partner Mrs. Baeza, the entire third-grade team, the rest of the staff at our school, and especially you, the parents. My goal this year is create a safe, and happy learning experience for your child. Let's all have an amazing year!

Mrs. Haun