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Room 41 family,

Wow!  We can't wait to meet all of you and our wonderful students this year. I know that in a few short days we will be bonding as a class and making new friendships. It will be great to meet the children in person this year. 
 This will be a very different start to the year. As we learn the new expectations of returning to the  classroom setting, we will be asking for your continued patience as we modify and change as needed throughout the year. Our goal is to provide a safe, classroom setting in which all children can learn and flourish. We will be conducting regular morning temperature checks, making sure masks are worn and fit well each morning, and will be using  hand sanitizer as we arrive and/  or leave the classroom each day. We have tried to space the desks to limit the need to touch and to stretch out a bit. Although we will be sitting a lot more in class, we will give kids stretch and restroom breaks, as well as mask breaks if needed. 

One such way we will start the year differently is that we are asking that only children are on campus everyday. This means that children will either get dropped off or walk into campus and to  class themselves. Decide on a meeting spot ahead of time, off campus,  so your child knows where to meet you everyday. If your child is  going to a daycare, make sure the child knows who they are going to and how to get to the vehicle.

Parents may only come onto campus with an appointment made ahead  of time with a member of our staff. 

If a lunch is forgotten, your child may get a free lunch provided in the cafeteria. Parents may not bring  a lunch to the office. 

The children will need to be masked at all times on campus so you will need one mask to wear and maybe one to keep in the backpack just in case.

Another way things will look different is that we will be limiting the amount of paper that would normally be passed around and returned to us from home. Most of the homework assignments will be online on Google classroom(your child will receive a new password 8/18) or completed in a consumable book that would be kept with the child. So in essence very little will be turned in to us or passed to children. 

Our main means of communication to parents will be via Classdojo(invite we be sent 8/18). Children do not have access to this site. 

Our main means of communication to students will be  on Google classroom. Parents will be able to view everything on Google classroom but will need to have your child log in first and show  you what is noted there. 

This year also  to limit the amount of contact, we are going to  have children keep a  pencil box full of supplies  to start the year.  If you would like to purchase supplies for us to keep and replenish as needed we certainly can do that however we are discouraging sharing any supplies. 

To get children in the practice of doing daily homework we will be sending some fun low-stress work next week and the next . This will be during  the week of Back to School Night  and we have had a chance to learn together how homework will work for your child. This year BTSN will be on Sept. 14th from 5-6pm virtually. More information will be sent soon. Please check the Warm Springs Elementary website regularly .

As we finalize our roster of students, we  will be giving you more important information about our class next week.

Year round information

Supplies- We are not asking for a list of items for you to purchase as we normally would in a school year. We will however let you know how you can help us on an as needed basis throughout the year. This may be in the form of a wish list or other form . We will use Classdojo to get that information to you. We are asking each child to use their own supplies to keep at school, to limit the amount of contact between students.

What this means is that children will have supplies at their desk(that will stay at school) and not have access to shared supplies such a tubby of markers for instance. These items  can be stored in a pencil box or pouch. Please make sure to ask periodically if your child has the necessary supplies in his/her pencil box in class so that you can replenish if needed. We will have a few items on hand if your child needs something immediately. 

These can be:

a few sharpened pencils,(please no mechanical pencils)


a set of markers, crayons, or colored pencils,

a black sharpie pen,

a pack of small kleenex,

individual sanitizer and/or hand lotion(we will have dry hands after all that sanitizer,

a ruler,


a highlighter(any color),

a few glue sticks,

a pack of stickie notes(any size or color)

a chapter book to use for silent reading,


One folder (any color or design)

Have access to a computer, laptop, ipad or other device to do homework as needed. Let us know if this is a problem and we will help you access one to use at home. 


Please have supplies ready to use at home as we may be asking children to finish work at home and return. 


  Water Bottles:  You may send a reusable sports bottle or water container  with your child if you already haven't done so.  I am  asking the children to bring these home to be washed each day.

No NUTS-We have a number of  third grade that are allergic to nuts, so the grade level has decided it is a No Nut Zone. We will be switching students for various groupings so we have to be safe. Please do not send any products to school that have nuts in them.

Birthdays- Because we do have many students with allergies we are asking that parents do not send  homemade goodies like cupcakes, cookies and the like. If  you would like to celebrate  please send non edible items like pencils, erasers or other school items. Stickers, books(our Lucky book order has some great $1.00 books). 
Thursday Folders- For the first few days we will will be bringing the folder home everyday as our main means of communication. When we have everyone signed up with Class Dojo and kids are using Google classroom, we will do the following:

 Please review the contents of the folder and return on Friday. The wolf folders stay here for the rest of the week and you will get it every Thursday. You may correspond with us via the  folder and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 
Rewards/Consequences-     Children are expected to follow the class and school rules everyday.  We use a visual behavior system in the classroom to remind students how the  behavior is during the day. When children do what is expected, they will have a green card.

A warning- yellow card
Second warning- blue card, and  a consequence such as writing a letter explaining how your child will fix the behavior and what was learned. If the behavior continues after that, either a note or message home will occur , or loss of class privilege. 

   The school principal will be notified if anything occurs beyond this. A referral will be made.  
Each day your child  starts off fresh and new.  This will be a green card on our chart. So that each day can be another opportunity to make good choices. I will turn cards back to green  if the child makes a better choice with behavior and shows he/she doesn't need a reminder.  

Marbles in the jar, Caught being good rewards, class points, and teacher praise are just a few ways we will reward your child for following the 8 great traits! 
The children are taught that if they make a mistake, it is an opportunity to learn and grow. 
Websites: On the clever portal(we will practice how to access this  many times over the next few weeks) children will have access to many fun learning sites and will also have links to use for homework or just for fun supplemental learning to use at home. These will be posted on Google classroom soon. 

Hand sanitizer

disposable masks

small kleenex packets to be kept in desks

multi colored sharpie pens

Bandaids(we never seem to have enough)                  

Small and large ziplock bags                  
small hand sharpeners for colored pencils                
paper towels                  

composition books

extra folders(any print or color)   
paper drinking cups(small)                  

glitter glue  
gel pens  

Book Orders:Lucky and Arrow book orders will be submitted online. 
We are will be going green, so if you wish to buy we are only doing online ordering. our class code is JCBYV 
Link is:
After placing the order, please send me a quick email letting me know you placed an order.
After receiving an email confirmation from Scholastic, I submit the order on my end. This way I can get a heads up to look for the confirmation.

Prep schedule:

Tuesday- PE- dress accordingly 9:55-10:45 ( Mr. Townsend)

Wednesday- return library books


Thursday- 8:10-9:00-Science lab

Library with Mrs. Blizel


Friday-PE- 9:55-10:45 Mr. Morgan


Kids will have access to( whole class) computer cart twice a week


Our motto in class this year is " we stick together".  Let's continue to support each other and communicate regularly to make this year a great one. 


Mrs.B and Mrs. H