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Student supplies

First day supply list- This is a  suggested list of items that can be purchased anytime in the next few weeks. We know the stores get raided pretty quickly.If you want to wait to purchase shared supplies that is fine. For working parents like  myself,  a donation of Gift cards to Target, Walmart, Dollar tree, Office Max, Frys etc. can be used by Mrs. Haun  and I to purchase any items we need in the first few months to share.  

Below is a list of suggested supplies for our classroom. The more organized and prepared students are, the more we will have time  in class to concentrate on  learning the curriculum. 
Please do not purchase unnecessary items as student desk spaces are very limited and these can be a distraction. ie. light-up toys, or other toy-like objects like themed erasers.
*Some items may need to be replenished throughout the year.
We will be adding more  "wish-list" information at Back to School night and throughout the year.
Thank you!

Items to share with the class: The items we * usually need to be replenished mid year. 

All children will have access to these supplies so kids will have more space in their individual desks.

  •     2 dozen sharpened #2 pencil, MECHANICAL PENCILS NOT ALLOWED
  •     2 packets of post-it notes/any color or size(no accordian style)
  • 1 ream of wide-rule binder paper and 1 ream of graph paper(any size)
  •     1 ream bright copy paper (any color;letter or legal size)
  •     1 ream of white copy paper(to use in our classroom printer)
  •     2 dry erase pens(blue, or black preferred) 
  •     1 box of facial tissue*
  •     1 package of baby wipes or organic only disinfectant wipes. *The school is no longer allowing lysol brand disinfectant products.
  •     several  fine-tip sharpie pens black
  •     several  regular sharpie pens black*
  •     glue sticks*
  •     box of crayons 

Items for individual use:

     pencil box(your choice)ASAP . Must fit in the desk. Since we don't have much desk space, we will allow supplies that fit in this  box to be kept in desk. Anything that doesn't fit will be taken home. 

  •   Earbuds to use on the computers(Dollar Tree has good ones). Please keep small.  
  • 1 homework planner(available for purchase at Warm Springs $6)
  •     1 pair of scissors
  •     1 blue or black ballpoint pen
  •     1 colored pen used for correcting. Purple, red, hot pink,etc. Please do not use yellow. 
  •     1 box of 12-24 color pencil or  1 box of 8-12 washable markers
  •     2 highlighters, yellow and green
  •     1 three-ring binder(1.5 to 2  inch width)This will be for homework assignments. So any design or color is fine
  •     1  composition notebook or spiral notebook
  •     2 pocket folders(different colors preferred)
  •     ruler (inch and centimeter)

Items you may want to have at home:

  •     pencils
  •     pens
  •     crayons, markers or colored pencils
  •     binder paper
  •     computer access(internet)
  •     stapler
  •     paper clips
  •     scissors
  •     tape
  •     glue or glue stick
  •     ruler
  •     index cards for flashcard practice
  •  white or brown paper bags(sandwich sized)

Teacher wish list

      Any size sandwich baggies (use these all year)

  • white-out
  • laptop computer and/or printer for the classroom
  • glitter glue
  • colorful pencils or small toys for our prize box
  • assorted gel pens
  • paper towels
  • graham crackers(for snackless friends) 
  • watercolor paper
  • watercolor paint trays
  • packing tape
  • dry erase eraser
  • large laundry basket to hold play equipment. Any color
  • box of graham crackers
  • bandaids

Thank you to the many parents who already donated many of these items to our classroom.