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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering at Warm Springs

This is a list of the various committees you can join to take an active part in the decision making at Warm Springs. We value parent input in our efforts to do what is best for the students.  Please also check with the school for the current/latest opportunities and availability.

General Volunteer Opportunities

  • Library Volunteers are always needed in the Warm Springs Library to help shelve the hundreds of books returned every week. The Library Committee discusses our site library plan, district library plan, book selection, student literacy motivation and more.

  • Noon Duty Supervisors help students stay safe and happy at lunch time. These are paid positions. If interested, call school office.

  • PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is about parents working with teachers to provide a quality education for your children. PTA also has its own organization with opportunities you can volunteer for.  By becoming a member and actively participating and volunteering at PTA events, you will become better informed about our schools and positively contribute to your child's learning environment. Members of the PTA have voting rights to help direct where funds will make the most difference for the schools. Working together, parents and teachers can make a huge difference. Put our children first by becoming a member of the PTA.

  • Valet Volunteers help students stay safe during drop-off and pick-up before and after school (District training required; please inquire in office, if interested.)

Committees You Can Volunteer For

  • School Safety Committee is for those interested in school wide safety issues such as emergency response procedures at Warm Springs School, revising and monitoring our comprehensive school site safety plan as required by the State, and other topics related to student safety.
  • School Site Council is a decision-making team. The team monitors our Single Plan for Pupil Achievement (SPPA) and School Improvement Plan Funding. This council is for those interested in learning more about the various committees, curriculum, staff development, programs, and events. Council member positions are parent elected positions and meets monthly in the afternoon. Requires a 2-year commitment. Check with the school office for availability of positions.

  • Technology Committee is for anyone interested in helping with the school's technology needs and monitoring our site technology plan and budget. No technical expertise required. We have plenty of additional needs for those interested in fundraising, grant writing, and more.